Building a Strong Strategic Business Partnership Remotely with Vanessa Rosenblum & Liza Lambert

What does it take to build and maintain a successful business partnership? Vanessa Rosenblum and Liza Lambert from Pro R.E.A. Staffing reveal how trust, communication, and accountability have paved the way for their thriving collaboration.

In our conversation, we explore how Vanessa and Liza use their ‘one thing’ strategy to stay on track and productive every week, explain the ways Executive Assistants can lead and manage up for better productivity, and share valuable insights on the ROI of hiring a personal assistant.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Vanessa and Liza’s experiences and see what’s possible when two individuals are committed to communication, care, and creating a strategic business partnership!


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[02:20] Vanessa and Liza share their stories and how their partnership got started.

[09:35] Vanessa and Liza emphasize trust, communication, accountability, and a ‘one thing’ strategy for success.

[15:43] Leading and managing up for productivity by practicing patience, asking clarifying questions, and having a ‘servant’s heart’.

[21:39] Fear of the unknown, giving up control, and the vulnerability that comes with trusting someone with such intimate details of your life.

[25:02] The ROI of hiring an assistant.

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