Synergistic Remote Partnerships and the Business of Trust with Andy Culligan and Miranda Berry

Today we speak with Andy Culligan, fractional CMO and Marketing Consultant for BaseHQ, and his Executive Assistant, Miranda Berry, who he hired through BaseHQ. Andy is a sales person stuck in a marketer’s body. He shares his journey from sales to marketing and entrepreneurship, opening up about how his decade of experience led him first to burnout, which inspired his entrepreneurial venture and led to a partnership with BaseHQ, which ultimately led him to hiring Miranda, even when he was nervous about the risk of investing in help.

Miranda became a virtual assistant through BaseHQ after her own experience with burnout, and explains how finding an Executive that you authentically connect with helps you foster that relationship and understand holistically how they work—both in their professional and private lives.

Andy and Miranda’s story serves as an inspiration for listeners on the role of strong partnerships in business growth, which aren’t necessarily made in person but are built on trust and a shared vision.


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[00:00] Introduction to Andy Culligan and Miranda Berry

[1:32] Andy shares his journey of managing a global team, burning out, taking risks, and finding a career and strategic partner who are in alignment with your vision.

[11:20] While Andy loves being his own boss and a fractional CMO, he admits he’s not the best at organization. Even so, he had anxieties about hiring an executive assistant.

[18:48] Andy and Miranda built a relationship despite never meeting in person, highlighting the importance of trust when hiring an EA. Miranda shares how having an open and authentic relationship with your Executive helps you work better together, holistically.

[21:58] Miranda and Andy share how to find a working match in your strategic partner.

[29:58] Trust, mutual values, and shared culture are essential for a successful executive-assistant relationship.

[39:10] Andy and Miranda share their vision of providing value and growth, and how this alignment helps their partnership thrive.

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