Mental Health Awareness, The Admin Collective, & Being a Multi-Passionate Professional with Nick Ginsburg

Superhuman Nick Ginsburg is the Executive Assistant to the Provost and Senior VP of Monash University, Founder of The Admin Collective, advocate for mental health, Bachelor of Psychology student, among many other things.

Nick shares how he manages his mountain of responsibilities while juggling his mental health, navigating burnout, and maintaining a social life. Nick shares his personal journey with knowing one’s limits, emphasizing self-care and self-awareness. He explains what sparked his recent pursuit of becoming a clinical psychologist, along with his perspectives on work categorization, and a thought-provoking view on the future of administrative roles in an AI-driven era. Moreover, he discusses his emotional experience of handing over the Admin Collective, a safe, judgment-free space he created for administrative professionals worldwide. A significant part of the episode is devoted to men’s mental health, breaking the stigma associated with seeking help, and the transformative impact of mental health support.


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[00:00] Nick explains how he balances multiple roles, sharing tips for self-care and emphasizing the importance of knowing one’s limits to prevent burnout.

[11:16] Nick Ginsburg shares his journey to becoming a clinical psychologist, emphasizing the importance of finding one’s own niche and avoiding competition.

[18:25] Nick Ginsburg grew Admin Collective into a global community, and explains how he handled handing over the reins to Candice Burnigam.

[32:23] Nick shares experiences of adapting to different executives and self-awareness to determine when to move on from a role.

[39:41] Nick explains how he observes his executive to gain insight, shares trends of the executive assistant role, and emphasizes the importance of knowledge sharing.

[46:45] AI cannot replace emotional intelligence, assistants should stay up-to-date with tech and skills, Jess’ course on AI foundations, and AI can free up assistants for more strategic roles.

[55:03] We discuss mental health support, breaking stigma, self-care, biological sex differences, and Matt Hague’s books.


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