Honoring the Whole Person, Supporting Educators, and Creating a Lasting Business Partnership with Elizabeth Orme & Shannon Hady

Hallie speaks with Founder and CEO, Elizabeth Orme, and Leadership Integrator, Shannon Hady, the dynamic duo behind Creatively Focused, an EdTech company designed to support special education teachers, admin, and support staff. The pair shares how their mutual respect and complementary skills have propelled their business forward, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting each others’ values. Elizabeth and Shannon share plenty of nuggets of wisdom, including book recommendations that have influenced their journey and a candid look into the challenges of running a woman-owned tech company. This episode is sure to inspire any and all strategic partners!


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[00:0] Introduction to Elizabeth and Shannon

[1:43] Elizabeth shares the story behind Creatively Focused, an educator-driven technology company, focused on increasing the retention rate of special educators.

[5:15] Shannon shares how she met Elizabeth and got involved in Creatively Focused.

[7:23] Elizabeth and Shannon explore the various titles Shannon has held as a Force Multiplier and discuss how these different roles and hats have evolved within their partnership. They emphasize that her success in these various roles is due to the fact that she has a direct hand in crafting the job responsibilities herself while staying focused on the company goals and values.

[13:28] The duo delve into the one thing that makes their partnership work: respect.

[18:32] Elizabeth explains how their similar communication and “flow” styles helps them to understand each other and support each other in the ways they need it, when they need it.

[23:25] Shannon shares the importance of leading and managing up and shares examples of how to create regular touchpoints, capture ideas, and decide on action steps.

[28:32] Elizabeth shares a story of a successful company restructure the pair were able to execute within three weeks.

[31:25] Elizabeth and Shannon discuss the challenges of wearing multiple hats and maintaining connection amidst their responsibilities. They also share their experiences in elevating leaders, placing people in the right roles, and the hurdles of fundraising in the Ed Tech industry, especially as a woman-owned business.

[37:11] The duo share their experiences and challenges in fundraising for a female-founded, woman-owned business in the Ed Tech industry. They discuss the importance of staying true to one’s values, understanding the market size, sales cycle, building relationships with potential investors, and leveraging their knowledge.

[45:09] The episode wraps up with Elizabeth and Shannon discussing the importance of having the right person by your side.  They share books that have inspired them and discuss how even children’s books can serve as a source of inspiration.

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