The Modern Day Assistant with Lucy Brazier

Hallie sits down with the one and only Lucy Brazier—CEO of Marcham Publishing, publisher of Executive Support Magazine—to discuss her new book, The Modern Day Assistant, address misconceptions about the profession and its various titles, and offer practical tips for assistants to become strategic leaders in their role. This episode is packed with valuable insights for administrative professionals and business leaders alike, offering guidance on how to leverage the power of Force Multiplier roles for future business success.


References & More

  1. The Modern Day Assistant by Lucy Brazier
  2. The Global Skills Matrix, a career framework for administrative professionals
  3. Executive Support Media and Marcham Publishing
  4. Follow Lucy on LinkedIn



[01:11] We delve into the evolving role of assistants and ways to uplift the administrative profession.

[10:49] We compare the roles of administrative business partners and executive assistants and discuss their collaboration for business benefit.

[15:11] We emphasize the significance of accurate professional titles and delve into the Chief of Staff’s responsibilities in the CEO’s office.

[25:34] We highlight the importance of leadership, structure, and KPIs for administrative professionals, ensuring optimal ROI and growth opportunities.

[33:24] Sharing tips on becoming a strategic assistant, we emphasize reading leadership materials and attending leadership meetings. Taking cues from Helen Clark, Richard Branson’s assistant, we discuss leveraging leadership meetings for better understanding and strategy.

[38:12] We discuss Lucy’s new book, The Modern Day Assistant, and other projects she has going on.

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