Gratitude, Fear, and Empowering Women to Pursue Their Dreams with Rachel DesRochers

The most powerful tool in business and life? Gratitude.

Rachel DesRochers is a serial entrepreneur who went from “making brown squares” to building multiple businesses that empower women and other entrepreneurs to achieve their wildest dreams. She explains how gratitude is an essential tool to building businesses and living a fulfilled life, shares some gratitude practices you can implement today, and how letting go of expectations will let your goals and achievements become bigger than you could ever have imagined.

Rachel DesRochers is the founder of Grateful Grahams, an artisanal graham cracker company; the Incubator Kitchen Collective, a non-profit providing kitchen space, business support, and mentorship to food entrepreneurs; founder of The Good People Festival, an annual free music festival; and In Gratitude, a podcast of tools, tidbits and chats on living a life in gratitude. Rachel recently launched Head to Heart Mentorship where she is using all the tools she’s learned as an entrepreneur to support other makers & creatives to live a life of joy! Her most recent project is Power to Pursue a one day woman’s empowerment conference.

Rachel has received numerous local awards and was a semi-finalist for Martha Stewarts American Made Award, awarded the Local Luminary from Slow Foods Cincinnati, 2020 40 Under 40 from the Cincinnati Business Courier and in 2021 the Emerging Leaders for Outstanding Women of NKY. Rachel is a passionate believer in the power of gratitude and the role of food in creating of community. Her mission goes beyond making a great cookie: she also wants to impact her community with positivity and action. If that wasn’t enough she is also mom to 3 and works side by side with her husband in building these businesses.


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[0:00] About Rachel DesRochers.

[1:45] For Rachel, her companies are not about the food – it’s about the people she serves.

[5:30] Rachel empowers women in the entrepreneur space by creating a space for women to show up as their most authentic selves before jumping into networking, marketing, and business tactics.

[6:48] Rachel’s true purpose is to spread the message of gratitude and build community. Her gratitude practice it what keeps her going in the entrepreneur space.

[7:18] When you run multiple brands and businesses, there will be things that aren’t getting done at the highest level because your focus is so spread out. You have to release the pressure of expectations and can’t shame yourself for doing the best you can.

[10:37] Rachel keeps herself fueled with both business and spiritual coaching, drinking lots of water and paying attention to how she fuels herself with food, and, most importantly, by keeping a gratitude practice.

[12:14] Gratitude is whole and complete. It’s a tool that works no matter what you’re experiencing. It honors the fear and pain in a way that helps us process it. Rachel names a few ways you can practice gratitude every day.

[17:22] What prompted Rachel to become an entrepreneur? Getting let go from her corporate job and having a kid. For her, it wasn’t about being an entrepreneur – it was about being happy and satisfied with her life.

[22:14] Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t give up before things get good. Let things become bigger than you can even dream.

[27:02] The biggest advice Rachel wishes she had heard before starting her entrepreneurial journey? Stop holding yourself back. Do the damn thing.

[28:25] Find out more about Power to Pursue.


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