Overcoming Challenges, The Value of an Assistant, & Finding Your Match with Jeff Davis and Meagan Tenyer

As a multi-passionate (like, seriously diversely multi-passionate) serial entrepreneur, Jeff Davis, founder of 12 Mavens, discovered the power of a Force Multiplier after many years of failed attempts at trying to do it all and hiring the wrong people in the wrong positions, first. Luckily, he found his match in Meagan Tenyer.

On the Founder and The Force Multiplier Podcast, Jeff shares the story of his entrepreneurial journey and how it taught him the value of having a right-hand strategic partner and hiring the right people. He and Meagan share how their years-long partnership works through mutual trust and respect, even though they have never met in person!

Tune in to learn how entrepreneurs can recover and thrive post failure, some of Jeff’s best advice for finding the right strategic partner, and how to keep them.


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[03:23] How Jeff got started with Medical Illustration

[05:01] Scaling a Super Niche Business and Going Public

[09:00] Jeff’s Early Business Mistakes and Hiring Process

[12:21] ]Jeff and Meagan on Building a Successful Business Partnership and the Benefits of Working with a Small Team

[17:51] Jeff’s Perspective on the Benefits of Having an Executive Assistant and Outsourcing for Growing Businesses

[26:33] Establishing Trust and Working Remotely

[30:57] Leadership Challenges for Founders and CEOs


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