Moving Beyond Fear, O.N.E. Things Thinking, and Daily Bookends with Machen MacDonald

Machen McDonald is an award-winning Strategic Life and Business coach and best-selling author who guides small business owners on how to maximize their success. In this episode, Machen and Hallie discuss how to move beyond fearful thinking and set your day up for success with “daily bookends”. Machen shares how important it is to have faith that it will all work out while dealing with the daily struggles of running a business, and warns that the most common mistake business owners make is failing to own their day and not keeping track of their numbers. Tune in to learn Machen’s three rules for owning the day, as well as his some daily bookend practices you can implement to help you plan and wind down each day.


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Deep Work by Cal Newport

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s AWE meditation

Emily Fletcher’s guided meditation



[00:00] Introduction

[01:58] Machen’s Journey into Entrepreneurship

[03:46] Strategies for Owning the Day for Small Business Owners: O.N.E. Things Thinking

[04:31] Establishing Daily Bookends for Entrepreneurs

[09:57] Managing Our Energy in Relation to Time

[11:36] Mental and Emotional Foundations for Business Agility

[13:13] Overcoming Fear and Letting Go of the Ego

[15:07] Building Confidence and Clarity

[19:38] Finding Your Purpose and Impact in Life

[25:28] The Hero’s Journey and Business Acceleration Plan

[28:29] Exploring Accountability and Capability in Business

[30:18] Journaling for Business Owners

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