Expanding the Executive Assistant Role and Recognizing Strategic Excellence with Kristine Valenzuela

Kristine Valenzuela is the definition of a Force Multiplier. In our conversation, Kristine dives into the role of EAs, Chiefs of Staff, and other Force Multipliers as business people and leaders in the C-Suite. She encourages assistants to constantly seek challenges and reach their zone of excellence every day, and petitions for executives to provide opportunities for their assistants to shine.

Kristine has over 25 years of experience as an EA and Cos in many industries and is currently an EA at Atlassian. she strongly believes in advocating for FMs to make sure they understand their value in the workplace. Her passion around the career and their career development is contagious. Kristine shares her experience of holding her own with multi-billion-dollar executives and how she began to wear that hat of confidence. Kristine is now focused on promoting the value of the EA role outside of their field, providing support for EAs and Chiefs of Staff.

This episode will inspire assistants and their leaders alike to see Force Multipliers as more than just a “support function” and to create opportunities for them to take on challenges and thrive, allowing their leaders and organizations to excel as a result. After this conversation, you might just realize that your EA could even just be your next executive-level hire.


References and Resources

Huberman Lab Podcast

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Kristine’s Linkedin



[01:11]   Kristine shares her favorite podcast at the moment, Huberman Lab

[03:15]   Kristine on becoming a Force Multiplier, seeing yourself as a business person, and being a leader in the C-Suite

[07:20]   Kristine’s passion for promoting the value of Force Multipliers and combatting the limiting belief of EA’s just being just a “Support Function”

[09:47]   Discussion on challenging your Force Multiplier and providing opportunities to reach their Zone of Excellence, and speaking up when you’re ready to take on more as an EA

[12:48]   There’s a give and take for Force Multipliers and Executives to challenge each other and ask for more opportunities.

[14:10]   What makes a great strategic partnership? Developing trust and respect with a CEO

[16:17]   Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

[18:24]   Are Executive Assistants and Chiefs of Staff executives too? How do we go about shifting the perspective of Force Multipliers in leadership?

[23:04] Force Multipliers operate on ambiguity. This is how they serve as such good strategic advisors to their leaders and leadership team.

[26:38] Force Multipliers excel as executives because they have so much learned experience from watching their executives manage businesses, much like how people learn how to parent from watching others’ experiences.

[32:38]   Where to follow Kristine


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