Building Trust, the Power of a Weekly Meeting, and Thanking Your Executive Assistant with Jackie Ludwig

In this episode, Jackie Ludwig outlines the importance of expressing thanks to your Executive Assistant and provides advice to get the strategic partnership off on the right foot. Jackie explains that LUMINI Network was created to share her system and provide a network of growth-minded administrative professionals to connect, learn, and grow.

Jackie and Hallie discuss the importance of trust when working with an Executive Assistant. Jackie shared her experience of working with her former boss, Sean, and how she wishes founders and leaders knew that Executive Assistants are more than just an assistant; they often have a wealth of experience and knowledge that, combined with an intuitive power once they get to know their principal well enough, that truly enables them to be a Force Multiplier for their principal. She encourages founders and leaders to ask their assistant for help and lean on them as a strategic partner in their business.

Prior to leading LUMINI, Jackie spent 20 years as a top performing executive assistant supporting executives inside the world’s top companies. This includes leading brands such as YPO, Rolex, and Korn Ferry. Jackie’s “secret sauce” is a system to get maximum value from the unique partnership formed between an EA and a their C-Suite executive. This system was developed, tested, and validated in some of the most demanding professional environments. Her passion is to share this system with EA’s who seek the same rewarding partnership. LUMINI was created to share this system, provide a network of growth minded administrative professionals to connect, learn and grow.


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LUMINI Network Conference, Sept 20-22, 2023 in Dallas



[2:14] Jackie’s Journey from EA to Sean McGinnis at YPO to CEO and Owner at LUMINI

[3:31] Building Trust in Executive Assistant and CEO Partnerships

[5:26] What Makes a Successful Strategic Partnership? Absolute Trust

[7:17] How to Build Trust in a Strategic Partnership

[8:30] Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your EA for Help – They Want to Grow

[11:02] Express Your Thanks to Your EA Regularly – Examples of Thanks

[14:55] The Future of the EA Role and What Leaders and Assistants Should Know

[17:40] The Role of Executive Assistants in Achieving Executive Goals

[19:27] Taking Initiative in the Workplace

[20:36] Leadership, Impact, Influence, and Inspiration


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