The Hacker, The Hipster, & The Hustler, Co-Founders of Desi

Get ready to be inspired by college students turned entrepreneurs, Liam Redmond and Rob Carato, co-founders of Desi, a revolutionary rideshare app exclusively for college campuses. Their innovative app connects students who need rides with their car-owning peers, as they share their journey from founding Desi to scaling it to other universities and beyond.

Listen in as we delve into the daily grind of the Desi team, the challenges and successes of being first-time founders, and how feedback from potential drivers and riders has been crucial to refining their product. Learn how Liam, Rob, and the rest of the team juggle their class schedules and responsibilities while growing their business, with a little help from supportive alums and the Notre Dame Idea Center.

In this episode, you’ll gain valuable insights from these passionate young entrepreneurs, as they discuss the process of pitching to investors, getting their app approved by the App Store, and the creative journey behind the Desi name and logo. You won’t want to miss this episode, packed with hustle, heart, and a whole lot of college spirit!


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[0:00] Intro

[2:00] What is Desi, and how it got started

[7:48] How Liam and Rob balance being students and founders

[11:34] The challenges and excitement of growing and scaling a team and a company as young, first-time founders

[19:18] The process of building the Desi brand and utilizing the power of social media

[24:28] Utilizing the right social platforms to grow the company

[26:27] Liam and Rob’s favorite podcasts.


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