Derrick Scarpaci & Katherine Williams on the Human Element of Brand Building

Today, we dive deep into a conversation about the power of human connection, the future of AI in the creative industry, and the nuances of entrepreneurship and branding with visionary entrepreneur, Derrick Scarpaci, and passionate writer, Katherine Williams. The couple are the co-founders of Variantista, a bespoke content-writing and brand strategy company. Variantista helps brands build a unique online presence that educates, inspires, and connects them with their audience on a deeply personal level. In this episode, both Founders and Force Multipliers will learn about creating a brand that feels like home. 

Derrick and Katherine are also offering an exciting bonus to all of our podcast listeners! Head to and fill out the contact form with the note “Founder & Force Multiplier Podcast Listener” to receive your free 1,500 word article with the purchase of a content strategy.

References and Resources

Variantista Podcast

Follow Variantista on LinkedIn

What Is Gpt-3 and Why Is It Revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence?

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

12 Months to a Million by Ryan Moran


 [1:05] What is a variantista? Katherine shares her love for writing and Derrick explains his passion for business, and what lead to the creation of their business

[9:23] Learning from mistakes as a risk averse entrepreneur

[11:05] Letting go of unhelpful rules to find success

[15:33] The Five Second Rule: overcoming mental blocks to achieve success

[22:01] Defining roles in an organization

[26:59] Brainstorming and problem solving to avoid red flags

[30:02] Building a brand through blogging: 6-12 month timeline

[32:04] The power of brand colors

[34:10] Understanding your brand’s voice: a necessity for success

[37:59] AI tools and content marketing: will they replace human jobs?

[46:09] Where to find Derrick and Katherine

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