Burnout, Simplifying Your “Why”, and the Courage to Change Your Life with Crystal Baran

Crystal Baran is proof that anyone, from Founders to Force Multipliers, can manifest their wildest dreams. In our conversation, Crystal opens up about her difficult childhood and early career, her struggles with overcoming burnout and identifying too much with your work, and her journey of transitioning from Force Multiplier to Founder. She shares about the importance of mental health and personal development in the workplace and the physical impact of chronic stress on our bodies.

Crystal Baran is an integrative nutrition coach who helps busy people reduce stress and lead a healthier lifestyle. She has a decade of experience in corporate banking as a Force Multiplier. Crystal helps her clients take a step back and discover their true selves by listening to their intuition. She encourages her clients to practice listening to their intuition and to take the time to relax and enjoy life. With her guidance, listeners can find their purpose and create a more balanced lifestyle.

Crystal’s story is one of resilience and perseverance, and she hopes to continue helping others reach their goals. During this episode, you’ll learn how to have the courage to listen to yourself, know when to step back and shift focus, and how to come back from burnout and bounce forward into your next phase of growth.


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00:00   Intro to Crystal Baran: Overcoming Stress and Burnout to Find Inner Balance

02:09   Crystal’s Career Journey: From Banking to Entrepreneurship

03:24   Professional Development: Achieving Success Without Traditional Education

04:45   Crystal on Her Career Journey and Experiences with Burnout

08:16   Crystal on Experiencing Burnout and Depression

09:32   Conversation on Mental Health in the Workplace: Reflections from Crystal and Hallie

12:39   The Benefits of Self-Discovery and Growth

14:12   The Importance of Seeking Professional Guidance for Personal Growth

17:30  Growth, Mental Health, and Healthspan

19:06   Stress and Leadership in the Workplace

23:24   Reflection on Career Change: From Corporate to Real Estate Executive Assistant

24:56   Professional Development and Personal Growth

32:35   Becoming an Entrepreneur: From Force Multiplier to Founder

34:14   Manifestation and Abundance: Achieving Financial Goals Through Mindset and Boundaries

36:46   Finding Your Why and the American/Canadian Dream

40:30   Finding Your True Purpose in Life

41:49   Living Your Why and Exciting Projects for 2023

43:21   Personal and Professional Development for Employers and Employees

45:07   Empowering People to Live Their Best Lives


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