Advisor Greg Schaub on Surrounding Yourself with Interesting People


In today’s heart warming episode, Manal interviews and reminisces with her own former Principal, Investment Advisor and founder of TSG Advisors, Greg Schaub. Greg explains the value of being an interesting person and surrounding yourself with interesting people. He also shares what he learned from having Manal as his Force Multiplier and from observing other Executives and Force Multipliers throughout his career. Manal and Greg’s conversation is sure to put a smile on your face and inspire you to create a similar environment of trust, support, and care in your own strategic partnership!


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[3:10] Greg notes the importance of not getting too obsessed with the hurdles that come up in your career. He also advises putting yourself in positions to be “randomly lucky”.

[5:00] Manal asks Greg about his mentors. Greg admits that he often created mentors for himself by just watching and observing people. He noticed how people operate and picked up on their positive habits.

[7:10] Manal shares a few of the things she learned from Greg while working with him as his Force Multiplier.

[8:25] Greg emphasizes the value of working with people who are trustworthy, professional, and competent. He also explains why it’s important for a Force Multiplier to have a sort of “maternal” instinct about the business, in the sense that the leader wants their Force Multiplier to care about, nurture, and grow the business as much as they do themselves. He thanks Manal for embodying all these traits as his Force Multiplier.

[14:20] Manal and Greg discuss how important it is to let your people play into their strengths and skillsets for optimal performance and job satisfaction. They also warn not to focus so hard on what’s going wrong in the business that it takes away from the things you’re doing right.

[16:45] Manal asks Greg what gets him out of bed each morning and continue working instead of retiring. He shares that he wants to stay relevant and add value, especially for those who are young in their career.

[19:20] Greg admits that most of his thoughts aren’t his own and can almost alway be attributed to someone he heard or something he read. He shares that two of his favorites books are Give and Take by Adam Grant, and Working by Studs Terkel.

[25:02] Manal shares that she doesn’t do New Years resolutions – instead she makes a goal to learn something completely out of her realm of knowledge over the course of the year.

[32:00] Greg advises listeners to put yourself out there. Reconnect with old colleagues and go meet people (in person) and you’ll be surprised at what shows up.

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