Kumon Franchise Owner Maliha Rana – “Learn to Smile, Have Fun, and Let Go” 


In this value-packed episode, Kumon Learning Centers franchise owner, wife, and mother of three, Maliha Rana shares her entrepreneurial journey, and how she is feeling the gap that has been left without a Force Multiplier in her business. Maliha gives incredible insight into how to let go of control and learn to trust your employees as a business owner, and explains how she overcame many of the challenges most entrepreneurs endure somewhere along their journeys. Whether you’re a leader or a Force Multiplier, this episode is a great listen if you’re in the process of hiring new staff, learning how to delegate, or maybe have been a bit too hard on yourself lately.


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[1:30] Maliha shares how her story started – moving from Pakistani to Los Angeles from at age 14, discovering a passion for fashion, then having to pivot completely after college.

[4:58] Your passion always needs to change and evolve – which is what happened to Maliha in her new career and helped her discover her strengths and motivations.

[10:01] As a new business owner, mother, wife, and boss, Maliha faced many challenges, including transitioning from salaried employee to self-employed, hiring the right people, and marketing herself.

[15:40] Maliha explains the impact of having an assistant, the gap that she is feeling in her business now that hers has left, and that no matter who your right-hand partner is, you need to be able to trust them. As a business owner, you need to be focusing on the growth of the company, not the day-today operations.

[19:05] Maliha shares how she balances her roles as a mother, business owner, and educator. Having a good support system and learning to have fun, let go, and trust your people are all essential.

[23:30] Learning to let go is hard, but you can take steps toward it. Maliha started by building a training system and setting clear expectations with her staff. Communication, trust, and accountability are key.

[25:40] Something many people might not know about Maliha (and that may be the main contributor to her success) is that she loves being thrown out of her comfort zone, trying new things, and meeting new people. She can’t be bored.

[27:10] Maliha leaves us with a piece of personal and professional advice she learned from working with kids: Remember to reward yourself.

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