Co-Founders of Eagle Investors Share How Trust, Vision, and Drive Are Key to Partnership


On today’s episode, Manal interviews Ishaan Sandhir and Vishu Namburi, the Co-Founders of Eagle Investors. The young duo share how they grew a small student organization into a community of over 250,000 investors, and attribute their success is a partnership built on mutual trust, a shared vision, and an equal level of drive. They emphasize that the key to growth as an entrepreneur or leader is to figure out each partner’s strengths and delegate the rest, even if we want to have our hands in everything, and that hiring assistants for each advisor has had a huge impact on the organization. You will definitely leave this episode feeling inspired, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey!


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[01:15] Ishaan and Vishu started by creating a student-run non-profit investment firm at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, where they taught students about real money management and donated a portion of the returns each month. The synergy they discovered there lead to the founding of Eagle Investors.

[4:15] Eagle Investors is leveling the playing field between retail traders and institutions by providing investors with resources and fiduciary advice on stocks, options, crypto currencies, 4x, and more, and has grown to over 250,000 investors today.

[7:48] Ishaan and Vishu actually met on LinkedIn, despite attending the same college. The pivotal moment for the launch of their partnership was during 2019 and 2020, when they saw many investors entering the market with no real sense of direction.

[11:50] The two attribute their success to their strategic timing and positioning, having entered the market before the demand grew and continuing to position themselves in this way.

[12:50] Their partnership works because they trust each other to have the same drive and desire to get the work done. They met as friends and colleagues before they started the business together.

They trust their close-knit group of executives to stay together and work hard, no matter what happens. Similar vision, passion, and drive, are necessary.

[15:00] As an early startup, they had their hands in almost every single project, wearing many different hats. Communication is key to building relationships between employees and customers.

[21:12] Ishaan and Vishu talk about their mentors and resources they use to learn and grow, and emphasize how important learning and reading are.

[24:45] Making something work isn’t directly related to having a great product – it’s making sure you have the people who can help get you there. The pair understood immediately the need to expand their network and delegate tasks to those who are best suited for them. 

[28:50] Ishaan advises young entrepreneurs not to be afraid of failure.

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