Meet the Original Founder & Force Multiplier, Adam Hergenrother & Hallie Warner

On our first ever podcast episode, we interview the original Founder & Force Multiplier themselves – Adam Hergenrother, a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur, and Hallie Warner, his Chief of Staff (aka Force Multiplier). In this episode, host and CEO of FFM, Manal Keen, discovers how their strategic partnership got started, why it still works today, and what spurred the genesis of The Founder & Force Multiplier brand!

References and Resources from Today’s Episode

The Founder & The Force Multiplier: How Entrepreneurs & Executive Assistants Achieve More Together by Adam Hergenrother and Hallie Warner

Mindspark and Fight Forward videos for a good laugh


[1:58] Adam shares how they run Adam Hergenrother Companies – by treating people like people and letting them be responsible for their own results – and how his partnership with Hallie got started.

[6:15] Hallie explains that what Adam and Hallie do is create together – Adam casts the vision and Hallie helps him execute it. That passion spurred the creation of The Founder & The Force Multiplier

[11:30] Adam talks about what “being authentic” means to him and how you can use the inherent patterns of who you are to feel fulfilled in life or business.

[12:58] Adam and Hallie share that what encourages them to forge ahead on projects is when they discover that what they’re doing resonates with people, and The Founder & The Force Multiplier was one of those things.

[16:25] Adam shares how recording the Audible version of the book was much harder than he ever thought it would be!

[17:30] Manal asks how Adam knew he needed a “Force Multiplier” and how Hallie discovered  and defined the term.

[23:20] Adam makes it clear that Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff are, in fact, leadership positions, and describes how you make the partnership effective through communication and clear expectations.

[26:00] Adam explains how he has grown as an executive, and how sometimes we can accidentally make our employees work when we don’t mean to. Manal and Hallie discuss how setting clear expectations are key to creating a healthy workplace and finding the right strategic partner.

[30:50] Manal asks Adam and Hallie something they each strongly believe in that others might not agree with. Adam believes people take themselves too seriously. Hallie believes people can have whatever they want in life. In order to “have it all”, you just have to be crystal clear on what “all” means to you.

[35:00] Hallie parts by encouraging Force Multipliers to leave their limiting beliefs behind and take control of their career. Adam reinforces that leaders need to look for more than just an assistant – they need to look for a partner.

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