Own Your Executive Assistant Career and Invest in Yourself

There are a lot of resources out there about how to ask your boss or your company to pay for a professional development course, coaching, a certification program, or online training (see list at the bottom of this post). I’m a huge proponent of organizations setting aside sufficient funds for a training budget – particularly for Force Multipliers (Executive Assistants, Chiefs of Staff, or Personal Assistants) who are often overlooked.

Why Your Company Should Invest in Training for Force Multipliers

As Adam wrote in an article last year, “… I still maintain that investing in your strategic partnership is the #1 investment you can make in your business.” He goes on to say, “The fastest way to get there is by investing into the partnership through purposeful meetings and communication, coaching and training (together!), and learning about each other’s natural behavior, communication, leadership, and work styles.”

The companies who invest in their employees are the companies who are going to build a stronger workforce, retain talent, build trust and loyalty with their team members, and ultimately succeed (arguable better and faster than their competitors).

Yet, sometimes, no matter how strong your proposal is, your boss or organization will deny your request for professional development funds. So, now what?

You take control of your career and you invest into yourself.

Yes, I understand that in theory, the course you are looking to take has a direct impact on your current job – hence why your company should pay for it. But I think we need to look more long-term. Will you be at your current job forever? Maybe, maybe not. If it is a coaching program or training that will enhance your professional skills or help you level-up as a leader, then regardless of who is footing the bill, isn’t it worth it to take that class? By investing in yourself and your career development, you not only make yourself a more valuable employee, but also a stronger candidate for opportunities in the future. If your current employer helps pay for that – amazing! And if they don’t, don’t let that stop you from taking control and owning your Force Multiplier career.

Here Are Some Additional Benefits to Investing in Your Own Career Growth:

  • It shows that you are committed to, and have ownership, over your own career. Your boss or company will respect your investment in yourself and the next time you submit a proposal for professional development, they may look at it differently. Maybe you go in on the next training 50/50 and go from there.
  • You will be able to take what you learned, implement it at the office and share it with your boss (at no cost and no risk to them). Showing them the value will make the next ask more impactful.
  • Your additional training and certifications could be a point of leverage in your next compensation review or during a future job offer negotiation.
  • Career development courses offer great networking opportunities for you, to help you perform better at your current position, or to tap into when you’re looking for your next career opportunity.
  • Enhancing your skill set makes you a stronger candidate in the future.

Investing in Yourself on a Budget

If you are serious about growing your career, then do not let a “no” from your boss or HR stand in your way. There are so many amazing training opportunities out there for Executive Assistants, Chiefs of Staff, and Personal Assistants – many of which are free or low cost. Online forums, podcasts, books, LinkedIn articles, and blogs are all easy ways to enhance your knowledge and skills. There are several Executive Assistant platforms that offer free trainings. Even our Founder & Force Multiplier Community has free discussion forums you can utilize by asking others for advice or tips! And with the move to online events, the opportunities are endless for full-day summits, certification programs, coaching, and more. Bottom line – if you are truly committed to growing your career, you will find a way.

There is only one you. You are your greatest asset. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Investing in yourself will pay dividends over time (not just monetarily, but with your own personal growth, your relationships, and more). Whether it’s an MBA, an immersive meditation experience, a course to level-up your leadership at work, or a fitness class, learning, growing, and creating the best version of yourself is always a good investment.

I will leave you with this quote: “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of those around you.” – Robin Sharma

How have you invested into yourself lately?

RESOURCES – How to Ask for Professional Development or Training

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