What’s a Force Multiplier?

Throughout my (almost) twelve years of working side-by-side with Adam Hergenrother, Founder & CEO of Adam Hergenrother Companies, I have held many titles: Listing Assistant, Executive Assistant, Coach, Consultant, co-Founder, co-author, and Chief of Staff. But what didn’t change during that time? My commitment to operating as Adam’s right-hand strategic business partner.

About seven or eight (who knows!?) years ago, I was feeling comfortable and confident in my role as Executive Assistant. I had also been doing really in-depth personal growth work. And thus began my search for other “right hand” opportunities that would align a bit more closely with my natural behavior, strengths, skills, and interests. I knew I thrived being a partner to Adam, but I did not enjoy managing and leading the day to day details. I did extensive research about the Chief of Staff role and the Chief Operating Officer position, and everything in-between. I wanted to define what I had been doing and where I saw myself in ten, fifteen, or thirty years in my career. After much deliberation, I settled on Chief of Staff.

But, that was just the beginning. In order to truly operate in the Chief of Staff role, I had to replace the responsibilities I was handling as Executive Assistant. And those of you who have served in both roles, hired for either role, or worked with either of these positions know that there is overlap between the two roles, many nuances to consider, and a lot of subjectivity. Yes, both of these individuals support the Principal and act as strategic partners, but they are two distinct roles. While it took a bit of trial and error, and a few hires along the way, we eventually figured it out. At last, the c-suite trifecta was complete.

At that point, it was 2016 or 2017 (again, after working here for so long, the exact dates and time frames are beginning to elude me!). I was deep in the midst of a Navy SEAL obsession. I read every book I could get my hands on (Lone Survivor, American Sniper, Fearless, No Easy Day, The Way of the SEAL, Living with a SEAL, Extreme Ownership) and listened to all the great interviews and podcasts with these elite military leaders and operators. While reading one of those books or articles, I came across the term “force multiplier” for the first time. In the military, a force multiplier is a factor that dramatically increases the effectiveness of an item or group.

I immediately knew that force multiplication is exactly what Executive Assistants and Chiefs of Staff do. And because I had experience in both roles, had coached and consulted both positions, and aided Founders and leaders in finding their strategic partner match, l knew it was a term that could encompass both roles. Force Multiplier – and all it represented – could now serve as a guidepost for leaders when hiring and as a guidepost for Executive Assistants and Chiefs of Staff when developing their careers.

Force Multiplier

force mul•ti•pli•er // noun

: a strategic business partner who helps a leader build and run wildly successful businesses 

: a leader’s right hand person

Synonyms: Executive Assistant or Chief of Staff

Force Multiplier is more than just a title. It’s a way of being. A way of operating as an elite team member, a Navy SEAL, of the business world. Force Multipliers are leaders. They are learning-based and growth-minded. They are committed to their personal and professional growth, just as much as they are committed to helping their Principal’s vision become a reality.

Would it be too much to say that Force Multipliers rule the world? Perhaps. I am biased, after all! But they certainly make a dramatic impact on the success of leaders, organizations, governments, and companies everywhere. Beside every successful leader is a powerful Force Multiplier. And beside every Force Multiplier is a visionary leader. Together, these strategic business partners are unstoppable.

Want to learn more about Force Multipliers and the power of strategic partnerships? Grab a copy of our book, The Founder and The Force Multiplier!

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