A Day in the Life of a Chief of Staff

To be fair, there isn’t really a “typical” day for a Chief of Staff (which is personally one of the reasons I love the role!). However, in my Chief of Staff role, I do have some predictability and a fairly “typical” structure, but that isn’t necessarily true across the board and certainly not true between various Chiefs of Staff across companies and industries. My day as Chief of Staff to a Founder of several small businesses may look drastically different from that of a Chief of Staff of a tech start-up, which may look different from that of a global hedge fund, which will look different from that of a Chief of Staff at a large non-profit. 

Because of the variety of work a Chief of Staff does, I think it’s fascinating to get a behind-the-scenes look at what a Chief of Staff’s day actually looks like. You may pick up a few ideas of how you level up your own role, how to increase your productivity, or how to simply unwind more effectively at the end of the day. 

So, let’s start with me sharing my “typical” Monday schedule. And if you want to share your day with The Founder & The Force Multiplier community, just email hello@founderandforcemultiplier.com, and let’s chat! 

An Average Day as Chief of Staff

MONDAY 5:00am

Alarm goes off. I hit snooze and often drift back to sleep for 15 minutes. At 5:15am, I scan through my emails and social media messages and notifications, taking care of anything urgent or that can be answered quickly. 


By this time I am out of bed, opening my laptop, drinking my pre-workout coffee, and pulling up my workout video for the day while I knock out a few more emails. 


Throw in a load of laundry and workout in my home gym with Beachbody on Demand. I’m usually doing a program that consists of weights, HIIT, boxing, and/or mobility. 


Drink a smoothie (chocolate protein powder, power greens, oat milk, and frozen bananas). Get ready for the day while listening to a book on Audible or a podcast. Scanning and answering emails as they come in.  


Pour some cold brew coffee into my Yeti and hop into the car for my 20-minute commute to the office, listening to Audible (currently Invent & Wander by Jeff Bezos). I always have a business or personal development book, memoir, biography, or autobiography to listen to. 


Check emails. Finish up any last-minute prep for Adam or myself for the day. Sign or review anything left on my desk from the night before. 


Weekly one-to-one meeting with Adam. 


Two screening interviews for the position of President at our coaching and training company. 


Weekly one-to-one meeting with Executive Assistant. 


Weekly one-to-one meeting with Marketing Manager. 

11:30am – 12:15pm

Check emails. Finish writing an article. Connect with potential guests for The Founder & The Force Multiplier podcast. Post interesting articles on LinkedIn. 


Adam pops his head into my office to talk briefly about a new potential business partnership. We discuss the pros and cons and I ask several clarifying questions. I tell him I will be doing some more due diligence and will map out some strategy and we’ll revisit on Thursday morning. 


Eat lunch at my desk while reviewing emails or other work that team members need my feedback on. Call my husband. 


Weekly one-to-one meeting with Controller. 


Weekly meeting with the Achieve Freedom Coaching team. 


Adam left for the airport for a business trip, so I facilitate our weekly WIG (Wildly Important Goal) leadership meeting. I send the team’s WIGs to Adam to keep him in the loop.


Call with Event Manager at Stowe Mountain Lodge to finalize details for our upcoming Project | U retreat. Go over last-minute action items with Executive Assistant. Finalize agenda, content, and event program for Adam. 


Two calls with potential affiliate program partners for The Founder & The Force Multiplier. After the calls, I send them additional information and we schedule a follow-up meeting for 3 weeks out. 


Consulting call with an entrepreneur looking for council on how to correctly staff and organize his business and how to best work with his Executive Assistant. 


Call with the events team and host for an upcoming speaking engagement Adam will be conducting. We finalize the agenda, specific topic Adam will be speaking on, and go over last-minute logistics. 


Check email. Review my Weekly Execution Plan and to-do list and write out my to-do list for the following day. 


On the 20-minute drive home, I call my husband quickly. I also call my Mom. Then, I go back to listening to Audible. 


Make dinner with my husband and sit on the back deck with a glass of red wine while we catch up on our days and make plans for the weekend. 


Pick up the house, prep lunch for the next day, and head to my home office to check email, engage on social media, while watching the latest episode of Real Housewives


Get ready for bed. Read. Catch up on my favorite Instagrammers (The Rambling Redhead, Sara Blakely, and Angela Rose). Read some more. 


Set my sleep timer on Audible for 10 minutes and fall asleep.

What is your typical Monday like? If you are a Chief of Staff or Executive Assistant what does a “typical” day look like for you?

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