Top 3 Takeaways From The Founder & The Force Multiplier

It’s been several months (alright, seven months to be exact) in the making and I’m proud to announce that Hallie and I wrote a book! It officially released on February 10, 2019 and I am excited to share this message with other Founders and Entrepreneurs, and their fellow Force Multipliers and Executive Assistants (EAs).

So, why The Founder & the Force Multiplier and why now? Well, in 2018 alone, we had nearly 40,000 readers from 139 different countries visit and read this blog. My most-read posts were about the Executive and Executive Assistant relationship. There is a need for more focus on, and discussion about, this powerful partnership. We believe that The Founder & Force Multiplier delivers.

In this book we cover everything from roles, titles, and responsibilities, to time management in the C-suite, to strategies for better communication, to how to find and hire your Executive Assistant, to how to get your leader to give up control, to a leader’s top 20% and how an EA can force multiply a leader’s efforts, to how to build trust, to how to create an ideal daily schedule together, and much more. This book is for Executive Assistants interested in learning how to build a dynamic and fulfilling career and for leaders looking to hire an EA or establish a better relationship with their current right hand. Hallie and I see this book as a tool for Executives and EAs to engage in fierce conversations, to challenge each other to grow, and to learn how to lead together.

For a sneak-peek into the book, take a look at our top 3 takeaways below, then grab a copy (or better yet, two) and start leading and growing together.


While EAs are technically in a support role, the more the Executive and EA can approach their working relationship as a partnership, the better. Executives can’t do their jobs without Executive Assistants, and Executive Assistants wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without Executives. The ideal strategic partnership is a business relationship where each party is dedicating their time and resources to the partnership, rooted in their strengths. Each party is accountable for their contributions and deliverables. When we talk about the Founder and Force Multiplier, the Entrepreneur and the Executive Assistant, we’re talking about one role, one job, that simply takes two people, focused on their strengths, to get it done. An Executive is responsible for casting the vision, establishing clear direction and focus, and removing roadblocks for the team. An EA is responsible for force multiplying these activities and ensuring that the objectives, goals, and vision of the Executive are executed. Want more? In the book we discuss in-depth what the Executive is responsible for and why, and how an EA helps implement. In addition, we talk about what makes a strong partnership and how you can develop one now and maintain that relationship for years to come.


We all have 24 hours in a day. So why do some people accomplish more than others? Look, you can’t create more hours in the day, you can’t shift time, and you can’t manage or control time. Time is not the cheat. But what you can control, and what you can manage, is yourself. As an Entrepreneur, your secret weapon for managing yourself, and therefore “managing” time, is your Executive Assistants. EAs are tasked with managing the flow of communication, mitigating decision fatigue, creating ideal daily schedules, organizing the workflow of the Executive office, directing traffic, and protecting the Executive’s time. This can only be done when the EA and Executive are in lockstep on the company’s goals. Furthermore, they must be in alignment on everything from short-term priorities, to the long-term vision, from daily and weekly priorities, to decision-making and communication. In order to truly achieve more together, the EA must study the Executive and learn to lead without a title. And the Executive? The Executive must give up control and invite their EA into the inner circle. Want more? Throughout the book we dive into the dos and don’ts of communication between the EA and Executive. We also outline specific strategies for the Entrepreneur and Executive Assistant to practice their leadership and implement extreme time management.


The first step to a successful EA/Executive partnership is making sure the time you will invest in each other will be time well spent. If you are not the right match, regardless of the strategies you implement, you will fail to build a fulfilling strategic partnership. It is so important for this relationship to be the right mix of personality, behavior, and complimentary strengths. Self-awareness is the first step toward success. You have to understand your own natural behavior style, along with your goals, your work style, and who you are looking for in order to find your match – whether that is an EA or an Executive. Secondly, talented individuals want to hang out with other talented individuals. Are you talent? Who do you have to become in order to attract the right Executive Assistant or to get the right job offer from the right Executive? It starts with you. Want more? No matter how much you love your career or your company, you just might not love working with your EA or Executive. In the book, we break down how to find and hire an Executive Assistant, and what you should look for in top talent. We also outline how EAs can determine whether or not they are working with the right Entrepreneur or Leader.

Behind every leader is a talented force multiplier. Behind every force multiplier is a visionary leader. Founders and force multipliers take turns leading the way and, by doing so, achieve more together. And so can you!

Get your copy of the book today, post a photo on social media with #founderandforcemultiplier, and let us know what you think! Here’s to powerful partnerships, mutual growth, and limitless potential!

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