The MACE PODCAST: Hallie Warner from the United States

FROM THE MACE PODCAST WITH MARCO MACENTE – “Beside every Successful Leader/Founder, there is a Force Multiplier”

With this quote I want to introduce the special guest of this episode: Hallie Warner, from United States!

Hallie is the co-author of the book titled “The Founder and The Force Multiplier”. What it started with a blog, it became a book and now it has turned into a movement.

Hallie is the Chief of Staff and she works with the CEO Adam Hergenrother, after more than 12 years of partnership. She started as Executive Assistant and she was able to grow and develop her career to become what she’s today.

Whether it was her first professional job as a PR/marketing coordinator at a nonprofit, or later as an Executive Assistant to the Principal at a large public high school, she believed in leading and assisting. Yet it wasn’t until she started working with Adam that she fully realized how she could harness her natural tendencies into a dynamic and fulfilling career.

The episode with Hallie is entirely focused on Business Partnership and Mutual Engagement, and we explore how these are key to be successfull in the business.

We discuss what the Chief of Staff role is all about and which are the best qualities Leaders and Executives should have to be able to work with “Force Multipliers”.

How can you build a great partnership with your Executive and bring an added value to the business?

Stay tuned and enjoy our conversation!

Listen to the full episode here.

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