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The Inward Journey to Success, with Adam Hergenrother - The Founder & The Force Multiplier

The Inward Journey to Success, with Adam Hergenrother

From The Athletics of Business Podcast

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Adam Hergenrother’s journey of self-reinvention
  • How Hergenrother learned how to leverage his money
  • Breaking down the box around your thinking and growth
  • How Hergenrother’s inward journey allowed him to achieve massive success with his companies even though he was already hitting his financial goals
  • Hergenrother’s new definition of success and how it is reflected in his businesses
  • Adam Hergenrother’s experience with physical and spiritual adversity and how it influences him as a leader
  • Practicing empathy to become a more successful business leader
  • How to help your team strategically disengage outside of the office to generate more productivity at work
  • The experience of Ironman training and how it plays into Hergenrother’s thought process
  • Project You, Adam Hergenrother’s leadership training course
  • The impact working for Keller Williams had on Hergenrother’s life
  • Transcendental meditation and its effect on creativity
  • The importance of keeping a personal journal

Listen to the full episode here by clicking here.

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