Ops Boss Coaching Blog: You Can Be Anywhere You Want to Be in 5 Years

By Christy Belt Grossman

In 2012, I was on a panel at Keller Williams Family Reunion. I was Chief Operating Officer of The Belt Team at the time, and my fellow panelists (Hallie Warner & Linzee Ciprani) were Executive Assistants (EAs). All three of us were affiliated with top-ranked teams nationally.

Before the panel started, we had a conversation that would become a game changer. Each one of us saw the potential of the “EA” role and the HUGE gap in education, training, and the overall conversation level about the EA role and its leadership potential. All three of us had experienced other assistants seeking us out for mentorship, and their frustration with the gap sometimes brought them to the point of tears.

That day we each resolved to make a difference, and five years later, we had.

Recently, the three of us got together in the same room (virtually, via Zoom) for only the second time since 2012 to talk about our journeys. (You’ll be able to hear what we had to say in the video that I’ve included in this blog.)

You’ve probably heard the saying: “You can be anywhere you want to be in 5 years.”

Click here to continue reading and watch our talk.

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