Leverage your Business through this One Secret

From The CPI Community Podcast

Every business owner has their own unique way of growing their organization to epic proportions. Actively listen as CEO Adam Hergenrother, Hallie Warner of Adam Hergenrother Companies, and Real Estate expert Dan Rochon dive in on strategic partnership and how this method will help you build a billion-dollar worth organization.

Show Nuggets

Putting trust in your people

By assigning a task to your team, you trust them that they will do their job correctly, which doesn’t just give efficiency to the workflow but also helps you focus on more important things on hand.

Vision before growth

You would be wasting your energy if you weren’t able to visualize first what you want. If you already have a picture, then proceed on planning on how you will get there.

Hiring the best people

Roadblocks are inevitable. It will happen at some point in your business. As a leader, you have to evaluate the situation and then bring your best people to attack your business’s problem.

Right question, right answer

The answer is always there. You have to formulate the right question to get the right answer that you need.

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