How to Find Your Force Multiplier and 10x Your SaaS Business with Adam Hergenrother & Hallie Warner


Adam Hergenrother is an entrepreneur and CEO of a billion-dollar organization that started building businesses while in college. He strives to ensure that his clients become the business leaders they need to be. Hallie Warner, on the other hand, is Adam’s chief of staff. Hallie has also co-authored the book The Founder and The Force Multiplier that illustrates how executive assistants and entrepreneurs can achieve more together. Adam and Hallie share their journey with Geordie Wardman.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why entrepreneurs should enroll for a training
  • Why entrepreneurs should invest in the right people
  • How did Adam find Hallie?
  • Why entrepreneurs should discover employee talents and place them in positions where they perform best
  • How to find the best executive assistant
  • What factors should you consider when searching for an executive assistant?
  • Leveraging social media and staffing agencies to identify great talent
  • What do executive assistants expect?
  • Importance of matching a candidate’s behavior to their position
  • The importance of working towards the same goal as partners
  • Why organizations should use the right language when advertising for jobs
  • Importance of employee retention

In this episode…

Adam established his companies in the real estate industry, where he opines, he had to work 1517 hour days. Along the way, he discovered what he could achieve with the right team of talented people around him.

Today, Adam has more than 60 local control stations (LCS) and five main operating companies. All of these companies deal with training real estate developers. Adam tells Geordie that success is not simultaneous but sequential. Listen to Adam as he shares more details about his companies.

Hallie joins in to mention that they recently started podcasting with Adam confirming that they had launched the service in more than 75 countries. Adam tells Geordie how he believed that to prosper, he had to spend long hours working hard when he started. While he is sure the strategy works, there are alternative approaches entrepreneurs can adopt.

Adam is quick to mention that sometimes entrepreneurs have to put in the work to get enough money. At some point, Adam realized he needed leverage in his life. How did he achieve this? Adam says he easily delegates duties that someone else can do. Listen as he gives Geordie all the details.

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