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Automation vs. Executive Assistant - The Founder & The Force Multiplier

Automation vs. Executive Assistant

LinkedIn Article by Feodor Kouznetsov

The future is now. Automation is full on and inevitable. Machines can perform increasingly more tasks better than humans. Under such conditions, are assistants doomed?

Just in. Uber helicopters have become available in a package with UberX cars on both ends of the trip. No need for a person to call separately a taxi company, a helicopter charter and a taxi company again. This is all done seamlessly with 1-click via the app.

Automotive industry is on the road towards driverless vehicles which means soon there will be no need for someone to manage and interact with drivers and pilots.

Tech giants are working hard on developing smart voice assistants capable of booking our calendars and scheduling meetings in select venues. No questions asked and 100% efficiency.

Against this backdrop of technological progress, KPMG makes redundant about a third of its admin staff. In our increasingly ‘smart’ world, why would anyone need a human assistant, right? There is no question that automation will push many assistants out of their current jobs.

Humans have always used technology to make their lives easier. Human evolution only happened in line with the evolution of our technology.

Once, the only hi-tech humans had was a stone. Fast forward, horse-drawn carriages were replaced by cars. In the near future, admin automation tools will replace many admin assistants. This is inevitable but we shouldn’t be afraid. In fact, there are many jobs that will disappear forever but I don’t believe ours will, as long as we understand, re-think and re-define our value for the boss and our role within organisations.

I can sense there is a growing anxiety in the community of EAs and PAs about the future of our jobs but it’s not going to do anything with automation. It is natural for humans to seek out tools which help us make our lives easier. As an EA, I have always tried to automate as many of my menial tasks as I could. And where I could not find a tool in the market, I went ahead and built one.

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