Top 6 Lessons from The Art of Livin’ with Matthew McConaughey and Friends

On Monday I attended a special live virtual event with Matthew McConaughey, Tony Robbins, Trent Shelton, Marie Forleo, and Dean Graziosi. Yes, it was a live launch for McConaughey’s new online course, Road Trip, but that didn’t bother me! The five hour training was still packed with great information, thought provoking questions, and a whole lot of space for self-reflection. I took 14 pages of notes, so I thought, why not share some of the top lessons I took away from the event!

1. Name, Claim, & Declare

The event kicked-off with Matthew McConaughey challenging the over 2.2 million people who joined to name, claim, and declare why they had shown up for the event. What did they want to change? What was holding them back? What did they want to create in their lives? What did their path to “more” look like?

It was a really powerful moment, as millions of people paused and spoke truth to their own power and what it might look like to live in their potential. I don’t think we stop often enough or long enough to really be honest with ourselves about what is working and what is not working in our life. Nor do we admit to ourselves (or others) what it is we really want, because we immediately start judging ourselves, putting limits on our dreams, or worrying what others will think.

During this part of the event, they shared the live chat and McConoughey was reading many of the responses that were coming through—and I was scanning the chat as fast as possible too. What really struck me was how few “wants” or declarations had anything to do with money or careers. Sure, there were some who talked about working from home or working for themselves, but it was because they wanted peace or more time with their family. For me, it just reinforced what we talk a lot about through The 200% Life, Business Meets Spirituality, and Project | U—it’s not about what you’re doing, but what part of you is doing it. These millions of people want more love, joy, peace, connection, inspiration, family time, etc. It was powerful stuff.

2. Share Your Spiritual Gifts Too

Trent Shelton, a former pro-football player turned founder, author and speaker, shared this: we show off our physical gifts (cars, vacations, clothes, etc.), but we don’t share our spiritual gifts. We are custom made. Unwrap those personal/spiritual gifts and share them with the world! 

This was a reminder to me that we all have something unique and valuable to share with our family, our colleagues, our community, and the world. We can all contribute from our place of strength and create a better place for us all to live and thrive. 

3. Change + Courage = Confidence

Dean Graziosi, author, entrepreneur, and investor, shared his recipe for owning your future: Change, Courage, and Confidence. Change is the first step towards a new, truer life for us. But it doesn’t have to be a 180 degree change! Start with micro shifts in your habits and routines, and they will compound over time. In fact, the smaller changes will help give you more courage to take bigger steps forward, even when you’re scared. Do you want to look back at the end of your life and realize that you never got into the game, but instead stayed in the stands with someone else’s name on your back? That one hit me hard! Change plus courage leads us to confidence. Focus on what you’re already good at (like your spiritual gifts!) and lean into those, while eliminating things like social media or bad relationships, that rob your confidence. 

4. White Lies

McConoughey challenged us to admit to ourselves the small lies that we are telling ourselves and others. We all do it. But is it really serving us? When we are not honest with ourselves, any change that we try to make is built on a false foundation. We may go through the motions, but never really end up where we want to be. What white lies are you telling to yourself that are actually jeopardizing your growth and happiness?

5. I Don’t Do…

Marie Forleo was my very first personal development thought leader/influencer crush. And she crushed it again at this event. Marie shared that the path to doing more is doing less. As Gregg McKeown, author of Essentialism says, “Less, but better.” Marie has developed a mantra to keep her out of stress and more focused on her long term goals. Instead of walking around all the time saying things like “I’m so stressed, I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t have enough time, I don’t know what I’m doing,” she encourages us to flip the script. Instead, she has made this her new mantra: “I don’t do overwhelm.” Whenever she finds herself in a busy season or stressful environment with a thousand things coming at her and demanding her time, she just reminds herself, “I don’t do overwhelm.” And because she doesn’t do overwhelm, she is able to make the next best decision that keeps from spiraling into overwhelm.

Where else could you use this mantra in your life? I don’t do <blank>. I don’t do complacency. I don’t do hurry. I don’t do negative self-talk. I don’t do fear. What don’t you do?

6. The Power of Questions

In Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins wrote, “The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself.” During the live event Tony did not disappoint by sharing a question that I will be using from now on when goal setting and working through personal growth plans. Tony challenged us to ask, “How can I <insert goal> and enjoy the process?”

No, not all goals are going to be fun or without their challenges, but if we can approach change, new habits, or massive goals by also figuring out how to enjoy the process along the way, then you’re a hell of a lot more likely to follow through and stick with it long-term. For example, “How can I lose weight and enjoy the process? That is a lot different than just asking “How can I lose weight?” There are a million ways to lose weight—but the one that is going to work for you is the one you can enjoy along the way. Or, “How can I start my own business and enjoy the process?” Again, the answer is going to look much different than if you just ask yourself how to start your own business. If you want to enjoy it too, you’ll have to think through boundaries, where and how you want to work, who you want to work with (if anyone), how this new business will align with your family time, etc.

Power questions, beget powerful answers that enable you to act, and ultimately succeed.

This was a really well-done live event, and I also learned a ton about live course launches for when we do our own later this year (sadly, McConaughey will not be there)! Until then, embrace your unique gifts, tell yourself the truth, ask yourself powerful questions, and make small changes that move you closer to who you want to become. 

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