Exploring Human Potential, Career Transitions, and Effective Communication with Monique Helstrom

Get ready to fangirl (we sure did!), because we are speaking with Monique Helstrom—esteemed speaker, activator of human potential and former Chief of Staff to Simon Sinek. In our conversation, she highlights the importance of understanding oneself, acknowledging individual strengths and weaknesses, and utilizing emotional intelligence. She also discusses her process of preparing her successor, emphasizing the necessity of effective communication and the importance of ‘reset conversations’ in building deeper human connections. Tune in for a wealth of practical advice and inspiration.

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[00:03] Monique explains how she helps individuals and teams unlock their potential, master communication, build relationships and strengthen communication skills.

[06:17] Monique delves into the challenges faced during the initial stages of an executive-assistant relationship and explains the importance of understanding the unique needs of both parties involved.

[11:32] Monique shares her favorite behavior assessment tool—the StrengthsFinder—and how self-awareness is crucial for personal development and success in professional settings.

[20:01] Monique emphasizes the significance of hiring people who excel in areas you may not enjoy or have skills in. 

[26:32] Monique encourages assistants to maintain confidence in their abilities, despite the challenging and often underappreciated nature of their work and stresses the importance of creating a supportive work environment.

[33:40] Monique highlights the importance of recognizing the unique skills, abilities, and potential in each individual and harnessing these to enhance overall business success and shares practical tips on how to empower individuals, build a team that complements each other, and create a culture that values every team member’s contribution.

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