Are You Delegating Problems or Are You Delegating Tasks?

Why do leaders hire Force Multipliers?  Because entrepreneurs and leaders want (and need) more time back in their day in order to focus on growth and revenue generating activities or simply to experience more time freedom. But those relationships don’t always work out. Leaders often make a hire and then wonder why they feel like […]

The Next Evolution of The Founder & The Force Multiplier

working with an executive assistant

Late last week, I became the proud owner of The Founder & The Force Multiplier.  It feels incredibly appropriate, poetic even, to be making this announcement during Administrative Professionals Week. I’ve been an assistant and force multiplier since my first job fresh out of college as a non-profit public relations assistant until my recent departure from […]

How to Improve Your Leadership Skills By Asking Better Questions

Leaders don’t have many tasks on their to-do lists. Their responsibilities are few in quantity, but large in scope and impact. A leader’s job impacts the organization, the team, stakeholders, clients, customers, and sometimes, entire industries. Leadership is about making a few high-quality decisions each day, while continuously casting your vision and keeping your team […]

13 Books Every Founder (or Executive) Should Read

Thousands of business books are published each year, spanning topics from entrepreneurship to management, finance, marketing, and leadership, and more. Approximately 81 million business and economics category print books were sold in 2021 alone. With so many options out there, from classics like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to relative newcomers like James […]

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication in the C-Suite

Effective communication sets the great leaders and Force Multipliers apart from the average. Part of effective communication is being strategic about which forms of communication you use—specifically synchronous versus asynchronous communication. The Difference Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Synchronous Communication Synchronous communication is scheduled, real-time interactions, usually done by phone, video conference calls, or in-person. […]

Should an Executive Assistant Be Part of the Leadership Team?

Listen to our podcast episode about this topic here: I find it interesting that on most organizational charts, the Executive Assistant and/or Chief of Staff are always hanging out on the side by themselves. They don’t necessarily have any direct reports, nor are they a part of any one business function (that is, except for […]

The 6 Key Elements of Business Acumen

When Executive Assistants and other Force Multipliers ask me how they can become a stronger strategic business partner to their Principal and leadership team, one of the first things we talk about is business acumen. Business acumen is not just for executives with “official” leadership titles. In fact, developing business acumen is a great way […]

The Strategic Pause

Listen to our podcast episode about this topic here: When I talk to Executive Assistants, aspiring Chiefs of Staff, and other executive support professionals, there is always a common theme (okay, there are several common themes, but let’s just tackle one today): strategic thinking. Force Multipliers are asked to be more strategic at work, encouraged […]

The 5 Daily Accountability Questions

The 5 Daily Accountability Questions is great communication tool we use with all of our team members. I have all of my direct reports email me their questions at the end of every day. In turn, they have their staff members email these questions to them, and so on, throughout the organization. It creates a […]

Are You an Accidental Diminisher?

Listen to our podcast episode about this post: I first heard the term “accidental diminisher“ several years ago while reading Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman. Turns out, it was a concept that I was quite familiar with. I have been guilty in the past of showing up as a […]

7 Strategies to Lead Through Influence

Jo had just finished meeting with the Executive Leadership Team on that quarter’s highest profile project. Action items were reviewed. Schedules were adjusted. Jo provided additional context to the team and asked for two specific reports to be delivered by the end of the day for review. Nope, Jo isn’t the CEO. Jo is the […]

8 Ways to Cultivate Confidence at Any Stage of Your Career

Listen to our podcast episode about this topic here: Confidence is one of the most oft referenced qualities of successful leaders and high performers. Yet, it’s also one of the most elusive to define. What is confidence and how does one get it? Are you born with it? Or can you develop confidence with enough […]

How to Motivate an Unmotivated Leader

Listen to our podcast episode about this topic here: As Force Multipliers, our work is so inextricably linked to the work of our Principals, that it can become frustrating, discouraging, and disconcerting when our leaders seem to be lacking the get-up-and-go that they are known for. But leaders are human too, and their motivation and […]

What is Organizational Whiplash?

Listen to our podcast episode about this topic here: Leaders, particularly entrepreneurial, visionary leaders, have great ideas on the daily. Well, some ideas are greater than others, but these leaders certainly don’t lack the ability to generate ideas at a sometimes alarming rate. I’m sure you’ve been in a meeting or on an email thread […]

Top 6 Lessons from The Art of Livin’ with Matthew McConaughey and Friends

Headshot from Matthew McConaughey's Art of Livin' Event

On Monday I attended a special live virtual event with Matthew McConaughey, Tony Robbins, Trent Shelton, Marie Forleo, and Dean Graziosi. Yes, it was a live launch for McConaughey’s new online course, Road Trip, but that didn’t bother me! The five hour training was still packed with great information, thought provoking questions, and a whole lot […]

How to Use a User’s Manual

User's Manual

We just bought a treadmill to add to our home gym, and of course, it came with a user’s manual (via an app). It also had a few quick-start guidelines on the screen so we could get up and running (or in my case walking) in just a few minutes. Sure, I could have figured […]

Are You a Lighthouse Leader?

Between the ages of 11 and 12 years old, I lived at a lighthouse – Owl’s Head Lighthouse, to be exact – in Owl’s Head, Maine. The lighthouse is not particularly tall at only about 30 feet, but it is situated on a 100 foot cliff above Rockland Harbor. The lighthouse keeper’s house built in […]

How to Know If Company Decisions Should Be Public or Private

How to Know If Company Decisions Should Be Public or Private

It’s like the wild west in the workplace these days. Mass layoffs continue to make headlines, employees are more burned out than ever, and inflation is causing businesses to make tough decisions about headcount and new hires. Just like in spring of 2020, we need leaders to step up and lead with strength, transparency, and […]

Master the Art of Asking Powerful Questions with a Questions Journal

questions journal

Whether you are new to the leadership game or have been leading others for years, it’s never too early or too late to learn how to be a great leader. And while there are endless ways to level up your leadership skills, today we are going to focus on the art of asking impactful questions. […]

How to Find Your Purpose with One Simple Question

“What’s your purpose?” That is such a loaded question. I don’t know about you, but it’s one that tends to cause me a bit of anxiety, feelings of self-doubt, and perhaps a little envy towards those who feel so sure of why they were put here on Earth. I know many people feel a deep […]

Leaders, Let Go So You Can Actually Lead

Listen to our podcast episode about this topic here: Picture This… A CEO and an Executive Assistant walk into an office… The Executive Assistant says: “What can I take off your plate today? I’ve reviewed your emails and see eight that I can address for you.” The CEO says: “No, no. I’ll get to those. […]

Are You Working With an Accidental Diminisher Leader?

Are you often frustrated at work? Are you unclear of your career path? Do you feel like someone or something is holding you back? Are you lacking motivation or engagement with your work? Well, it could be because you are working with an Accidental Diminisher leader. Listen to our podcast episode about this topic here: […]