Bring Boundless Opportunities to Your Biz with Expansion: Adam Hergenrother’s Story

FROM KW OUTFRONT – For Adam Hergenrother, expansion has led to major success. He and his team of more than 300 agents across 40 locations have closed nearly 2,000 units through July, putting them on track to hit 4,000 by year-end. That’s up from 2,600 last year. The team expects to be at $30 million in GCI, up from $17 million the year prior.

Hergenrother’s secret is smart expansion, or as he likes to say, growing a team without borders. It all started a decade ago in South Burlington, Vermont. Hergenrother needed to grow his business but had done all he could in his own area. At the time, though, he didn’t have the resources to start a second, separate team elsewhere in Vermont.

So, in 2011 he expanded to Maine, duplicating his team’s models and systems through a joint venture structure, linking up with an already high-producing, high-performing team. “We took a $4 million producer and made them a $60 million producer in a very short period of time,” he says. “Then, we started upping it.”

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